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  • Conquer Stress and Anxiety with this Deceptively Simple Breathing Exercise

    Let me start by asking you a question. What is your breathing like right now? Are you breathing slowly and deeply, all the way down into your abdomen? Or, is your breath short and shallow? Now shift your awareness to how you are feeling. Are you happy, calm and relaxed? Or, are you feeling stressed, agitated and anxious? I’m sure you already know that there is a real and direct link between…

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  • Feel Good Factor Tip: Have a Clear Out!

    Pick one cupboard or area of your house that is full of clutter. Get four boxes and label them: ‘rubbish’, ‘recycle’, ‘sell/donate’, and ‘deal with’. Take everything out of the cupboard. Clean the space. Take each item and decide whether it needs to go into one of the four boxes or be put back into the cupboard. Ensure that the things going back into the cupboard are neatly arranged…

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  • Where is Your Sanctuary?

    We all need a calm, safe and quiet place where we can go to relax, unwind and recharge our batteries. A place where we can retreat from the world and just ‘be’. Our very own sanctuary that provides inspiration, renewal and refreshment. My home is very much my sanctuary, particularly my meditation and therapy rooms. Whenever I am away, even for a day, I look forward to coming home and spending time there. It’s the place where I feel completely at ease.

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  • De-clutter 6 Areas of Your Life and Regain Your Power

    Do you find it difficult to operate in a chaotic or cluttered environment? I certainly do. My stress levels rise and I find it hard to focus. My productivity, creativity and sense of wellbeing are all adversely affected. Earlier in life, I used to perceive clutter simply in terms of the things in my physical space. Nowadays my interpretation has widened considerably and extends to different parts of both my inner and outer world…

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  • How to Release Suppressed Anger

    “Get mad, then get over it.” Colin Powell

    If you suspect you may be holding onto anger from the past, try the following exercise. Step 1: Find 30 – 60 minutes of alone time when you will not be disturbed. Step 2: Get yourself some paper, a pen, and a pillow, cushion or, if you have one, a punch bag.

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  • Are You Ready to Explode with Anger?

    Were you brought up like me; with the warped belief that anger is somehow inherently ‘bad’? That if you want to be loved and accepted then there could be no place in your life for anger? I picked up this message loud and clear whilst I was growing up. Not only was I totally oblivious to the fact that: a) anger is a natural, healthy, intrinsically positive emotion, and b) that I could learn to process, manage…

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  • How Your Diet Can Help You Manage Anxiety and Depression

    Whilst it would be wrong to say that your diet alone can cause anxiety or depression, it can certainly make your situation better or worse. In the last few decades the relationship between diet, stress and anxiety has been well documented. Research shows that the following foods and substances are likely to contribute to your symptoms. Therefore avoiding them all together or consuming them…

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  • Living in the Land of Should

    Do you live in the ‘land of should’? Do you find yourself doing what you should be doing and not what you want to be doing all the time? Are you the one always doing the ‘right thing’ by everyone else? So much so that you have lost touch with your innate sense of fun, creativity and spontaneity? Or, maybe on the odd occasion you have tried to do what you like, only to find yourself riddled with feelings of guilt…

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  • The Different Parts of Us

    I am sure you will agree that we humans are very complex beings indeed. I come face-to-face with these complexities on a daily basis both in my personal and my professional life. One thing I’ve noticed is that most of us are conditioned to pay a lot of attention to certain aspects of our being, to the detriment of other parts of ourselves. And, that this single tendency can lead to a lot of personal distress…

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