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Archive of: Habits of Happy People

  • The Habits of Happy People: They See Life's Problems as Opportunities

    They know that they can’t choose to avoid life’s challenges but they can choose their response to them. They make a decision to respond in a calm, measured, positive way. They work out what they can do and get on and do it. Then they shift their focus onto what they can learn from the experience. They know that all difficult and challenging situations are powerful catalysts for personal growth…

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  • The Habits of Happy People: They Are Socially Selective

    They ensure that their tribe is a positive and empowering one. They know that the people they hang around with affect their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health so they choose them carefully. They use their feelings to identify the negative, manipulative, toxic people and simply cut them out of their life. And, if they can’t, they put up strong boundaries. They know that this is an issue of…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Don't Compare Themselves With Others

    They know that there is little, if anything, to be gained from this habit. They know that this tendency damages their sense of self, kills joy and breeds feelings of envy, low self-confidence and depression. They know that people present an edited version of themselves to the world so what they are comparing against is not real. They know that there is always someone out there who is bigger, better, and more…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Live in the Present Moment

    They don’t spend time reviewing, analysing or regretting the past. They don’t spend time worrying, stressing and being fearful about the future. They know that no-one has ever lived in a yesterday or a tomorrow. We all only ever experience life in the now. And, that is where they focus all their attention; fully and wholeheartedly experiencing life in the present moment.

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Don't Hold Grudges

    They know that holding intense negative feelings about anyone harms them more than it harms the other person. Scientific studies show that holding a grudge adversely affects the health. It leads to anxiety, depression, an increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Letting go of grudges and bitterness makes way for happiness, health and peace.

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