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  • Are You a Silent Prisoner of Shame?

    If I were to name one thing that has the most impact on a person’s happiness and experience of life, it would be their self-worth. Our level of self-worth affects everything – from our health and relationships to our careers and financial abundance. So, let me ask, where do you stand on the spectrum of self-worth? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you love and accept yourself, warts and all? Or are you ‘self-rejecting’, always finding reasons to …

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  • New Video for Halloween: The Three Kinds of Curses

    For Halloween this year I’ve created a special video on the three types of curses. Check out what these are and how you can keep yourself safe and protected: A Halloween Special: Three Kinds of Curses.

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  • New Video on YouTube: Is it Time to Stop Shoulding on Yourself?

    Check out my latest video on YouTube: Is it Time to Stop Shoulding on Yourself Are you always ‘shoulding’ on yourself? Always telling yourself you should be doing this …you should be doing that? Living in the Land of Should is not fun. It’s a place full of duty, obligation and resentment. In this video, I present a simple 4-step process to use instead. It will help you to reconnect with your personal power so that you, and not the harsh voice of your inner critic, are making the conscious decisions in your life…

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  • New Video on YouTube: How to Establish Personal Boundaries

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  • How to Challenge and Change Your Limiting Beliefs

    I believe one of the most powerful things we can do if we want to move forward in life is to examine and release our limiting beliefs. Beliefs such as I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I can’t trust anyone, I’m a failure, I’m unlovable and their variations are the source of great unhappiness and disempowerment. They serve as a hindrance, preventing us from being, doing and having what we want. They keep us feeling stuck and unfulfilled. This is why if you want to create positive change in your life, you must do the inner work to identify your limiting beliefs and change them into positive, life-enhancing ones.

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  • How to Find the Limiting Beliefs You Are Holding

    It is said that we are what we believe ourselves to be. Our beliefs are so powerful that they create our reality. They shape our thinking, our feelings, our behaviour, the actions we take or do not take – and as a consequence our experience of life. Holding positive beliefs about ourselves serves us well. They cause us to feel good; they empower us and fuel healthy behaviours. Limiting beliefs, on the other hand, undermine our well-being. They fuel unhealthy emotions and …

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  • How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think of You

    How concerned are you about what people think of you? Does it bother you occasionally or a lot of the time? We are all influenced by other people’s opinions to some degree, sometimes without realising it. We might wear an outfit to a social event because we think other people will like it, for example, or refrain from expressing an opinion at work to avoid being thought unintelligent. This is a consequence of our social conditioning and our need to belong – to be accepted and liked …

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  • Is it Time to Reclaim Your Life?

    It’s the start of a new year – and a new decade. A time when many of us feel an inner nudge to make changes. It’s certainly a good time to reflect and consider the direction our lives are taking. I believe one of the most important questions to ask ourselves is this: Whose life am I actually living? My own or the one other people want for me? Are you living the life you want, or are you still caught up in trying to meet other people’s expectations? As a therapist, I see …

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  • Where’s Your Problem Really Coming From?

    Every day in my practice I work with people who are smart, empowered and committed to bettering their lives. They may be facing challenges, but they show up to appointments, and they invest time, money and energy on their personal growth. Usually, they’ve appeared at my door because their situation has come to a head. They’re feeling distressed, confused and unhappy and need some external support to work through their issues. One of the things I bring to the table is …

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  • Are You A People Pleaser?

    I found myself dealing with a very forceful woman the other day who just wouldn’t accept that I couldn’t give her an appointment because I was fully booked up. She refused to hear what I was saying and continued to push at my personal boundaries for several minutes. Feeling the pressure building up inside me, I had to fight with every fibre of my being to not fall back into an old pattern of mine: being a people-pleaser. There was a time in my life when …

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