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Archive of: Anger Management

  • Are You Tired of Dealing With That Irritating Person in Your Life?

    Are You Tired of Dealing With That Irritating Person in Your Life?

    Is there someone in your life that really gets on your nerves? You know, that person who you wish would stop being such a pain all the time. It could be your friend…your boss…your spouse…your parent…your child…your colleague. We all have these people in our lives. And, sadly, they have the potential to cause us a lot of misery and heartache. So what is your story? Do you endless wish for your spouse to be more attentive Your parent to be more accepting? Your child to be more motivated? Your boss to be more appreciative? Your friend to be more considerate?

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  • Dealing with Difficult Emotions

    Dealing with Difficult Emotions

    We all experience times in life when our emotions get the better of us. A strong, emotional response to any situation can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed, out of control and even frightened. Intense feelings of anger, anxiety, despair, shame, guilt and even disappointment can appear instantly and unexpectedly, and negatively affect our attitude and behaviour in ways that can cause us, and those around us, distress…

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  • How to Release Suppressed Anger

    How to Release Suppressed Anger

    “Get mad, then get over it.” Colin Powell

    If you suspect you may be holding onto anger from the past, try the following exercise. Step 1: Find 30 – 60 minutes of alone time when you will not be disturbed. Step 2: Get yourself some paper, a pen, and a pillow, cushion or, if you have one, a punch bag.

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  • Are You Ready to Explode with Anger?

    Are You Ready to Explode with Anger?

    Were you brought up like me; with the warped belief that anger is somehow inherently ‘bad’? That if you want to be loved and accepted then there could be no place in your life for anger? I picked up this message loud and clear whilst I was growing up. Not only was I totally oblivious to the fact that: a) anger is a natural, healthy, intrinsically positive emotion, and b) that I could learn to process, manage…

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