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Archive of: Decluttering

  • Feel Good Factor Tip: Have a Clear Out!

    Pick one cupboard or area of your house that is full of clutter. Get four boxes and label them: ‘rubbish’, ‘recycle’, ‘sell/donate’, and ‘deal with’. Take everything out of the cupboard. Clean the space. Take each item and decide whether it needs to go into one of the four boxes or be put back into the cupboard. Ensure that the things going back into the cupboard are neatly arranged…

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  • De-clutter 6 Areas of Your Life and Regain Your Power

    Do you find it difficult to operate in a chaotic or cluttered environment? I certainly do. My stress levels rise and I find it hard to focus. My productivity, creativity and sense of wellbeing are all adversely affected. Earlier in life, I used to perceive clutter simply in terms of the things in my physical space. Nowadays my interpretation has widened considerably and extends to different parts of both my inner and outer world…

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