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Archive of: Depression

  • Feel Good Factor: Dance!

    Did you know that dancing is one of the most fun and effective ways to get a complete mind and body workout? Studies show that dancing can instantly lift your mood, help reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength, increase bone density, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and aid weight loss. It also boosts self-confidence and self esteem…

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  • How Your Diet Can Help You Manage Anxiety and Depression

    Whilst it would be wrong to say that your diet alone can cause anxiety or depression, it can certainly make your situation better or worse. In the last few decades the relationship between diet, stress and anxiety has been well documented. Research shows that the following foods and substances are likely to contribute to your symptoms. Therefore avoiding them all together or consuming them…

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  • Living in the Land of Should

    Do you live in the ‘land of should’? Do you find yourself doing what you should be doing and not what you want to be doing all the time? Are you the one always doing the ‘right thing’ by everyone else? So much so that you have lost touch with your innate sense of fun, creativity and spontaneity? Or, maybe on the odd occasion you have tried to do what you like, only to find yourself riddled with feelings of guilt…

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