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Archive of: Healthy Routines

  • The One Habit That Could Keep You Out of Therapy

    It takes a lot for a person to seek support and, even more, to pay for it. We all do a great job of handling the issues in our lives by ourselves. Until, that is, it all gets too much and we reach crisis point; something happens that shakes us to the core and we discover that we simply can’t deal with it anymore. I see this all the time in my practice. It is the life crises that bring people to the services that I offer…

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  • Is Your Morning Routine Making or Breaking Your Day?

    Let me take you back to this morning and ask how you began your day. Did you have a calm, quiet and orderly start? Or, was it rushed, manic and frenzied? How we choose to spend the first minutes and hours of the day has a significant effect on all those that follow. What we do - and how we feel - sets the tone for the entire day. That has certainly been my experience. On an ideal day, I get out of bed at…

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