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Archive of: Human Energy Field

  • New Video for Halloween: The Three Kinds of Curses

    For Halloween this year I’ve created a special video on the three types of curses. Check out what these are and how you can keep yourself safe and protected: A Halloween Special: Three Kinds of Curses.

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  • Where’s Your Problem Really Coming From?

    Every day in my practice I work with people who are smart, empowered and committed to bettering their lives. They may be facing challenges, but they show up to appointments, and they invest time, money and energy on their personal growth. Usually, they’ve appeared at my door because their situation has come to a head. They’re feeling distressed, confused and unhappy and need some external support to work through their issues. One of the things I bring to the table is …

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  • The Different Parts of Us

    I am sure you will agree that we humans are very complex beings indeed. I come face-to-face with these complexities on a daily basis both in my personal and my professional life. One thing I’ve noticed is that most of us are conditioned to pay a lot of attention to certain aspects of our being, to the detriment of other parts of ourselves. And, that this single tendency can lead to a lot of personal distress…

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