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  • The Gentle Art of Saying ‘No’

    Emotional overwhelm is something that brings many people to my practice. For them life has simply got out of control. There are too many people making too many demands … too much to do in too little time … too many expectations and not enough energy to deal with them all. The result is anxiety which, if left unchecked, leads to mental, emotional and physical breakdown. We all experience overwhelming feelings. I’m guessing you know what that’s like. I certainly do. In fact, I used to get overwhelmed a lot. Nowadays, though, it’s less the feeling of overwhelm that I deal with than the …

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  • The Healing Power of Writing

    When was the last time you had some kind of emotional meltdown? Perhaps you lost your cool with someone … or suffered a debilitating wave of anxiety … were plagued by intense, painful feelings of guilt … or felt overwhelmed by grief and sadness. We’ve all experienced moments when our emotions have got the better of us - moments that have left us feeling vulnerable, confused and lost. Do you know that there’s something you can do in those very moments to help yourself? Something that…

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  • Is it a Crisis or an Awakening?

    It is truly amazing how within a split second everything in a person’s life can dramatically change . I experienced such a moment a few weeks ago. It was a very normal Monday. I was having a good day. I remember feeling well, happy and calm. The sun was shining. All my client appointments for the week were fully booked. Life was good. That was until l received a text from my son telling me that my husband had had a heart attack. He had been resuscitated a number of times. And, I urgently …

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  • How to Resolve Inner Conflict and Find Peace

    One of the key things I look out for in my work with clients is inner conflict. It is fascinating how much warfare goes on inside a person. It is also disturbing because this sort of tension, left unchecked, inevitably creates emotional turmoil and dis-ease. Can you relate to this scenario? You are lying in bed, warm and cozy when the alarm goes off. You want to stay exactly where you are but a voice in your head starts nagging you to get up. You resist it for a short while but it continues to get louder and louder…

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  • The 7 Myths About Counselling

    Take a moment and cast your mind back over your life. Would you say that your life has been completely trouble free? Do you know anyone who has lived a totally problem-free life? A person who has never faced a difficulty, a challenge, a distressing experience or a significant life change such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy or illness? I certainly haven’t lived such a life, or know of anyone who has. The business of living can be tough at times. We all experience family …

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  • Free Self-care Poster for Download

    Free Self-care Poster for Download

    Everything in life comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. Caring for yourself in a kind, compassionate, considerate way is a vital prerequisite for a happy, healthy balanced life. This poster highlights a range of activities which aid and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care. Download it free of charge from the products page of this website.

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  • Are You Neglecting the Most Important Person in Your Life?

    As human beings we are continually in relationship, all day and every day, for the whole of our lives. Sometimes it is with other living beings: humans and animals. Sometimes it’s with inanimate objects - food, clothes, money - or ideas. There is one relationship, above all others, that is critical to our wellbeing. It is impossible to live a peaceful, healthy, happy life if this relationship is not monitored and managed adequately. The relationship to which I’m referring is the one we have with ourselves. Let me ask you a question. How do you habitually relate to yourself? …

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  • How Avoiding Your Emotions May Be Harming You

    If I could go back thirty years and give my younger self some advice it would be to “stop avoiding your emotions.” Back in those days, I expended a lot of energy suppressing my feelings. I tried hard to fit in, do the right thing, and avoid drama of any kind. I had emotional regulation down to a fine art. The world saw me as calm, quiet and amiable, while deep inside there was turmoil and emotional chaos. It took me a long time to figure out that …

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  • The Day I Met a Goblin and Finally Healed My Fear

    Have you ever experienced an intense emotion that has left you feeling frightened, confused and deeply disturbed? I certainly have. In fact, there was a time in my life when it was a regular occurrence. When I tell people now that I spent most of my late teens and twenties in a perpetual state of fear, due to chronic anxiety and panic disorder, I am often met with surprise; disbelief even…

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  • The Habits of Happy People: They Are Socially Selective

    They ensure that their tribe is a positive and empowering one. They know that the people they hang around with affect their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health so they choose them carefully. They use their feelings to identify the negative, manipulative, toxic people and simply cut them out of their life. And, if they can’t, they put up strong boundaries. They know that this is an issue of…

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