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Archive of: Worry

  • How to Transform Your Emotional State Through the Power of Reframing

    Can you recall the last time you felt bad about something in your life? Do you remember how you felt - and why you felt that way? What would you say if I told you that you could have used a simple technique to instantly transform your emotions and feel better? And that it’s something you can easily learn to do. One of the greatest shifts I made on my own personal development journey was to realise that everything I experienced in life was actually happening entirely in my own mind and body…

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  • The Healing Power of Writing

    When was the last time you had some kind of emotional meltdown? Perhaps you lost your cool with someone … or suffered a debilitating wave of anxiety … were plagued by intense, painful feelings of guilt … or felt overwhelmed by grief and sadness. We’ve all experienced moments when our emotions have got the better of us - moments that have left us feeling vulnerable, confused and lost. Do you know that there’s something you can do in those very moments to help yourself? Something that…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Live in the Present Moment

    They don’t spend time reviewing, analysing or regretting the past. They don’t spend time worrying, stressing and being fearful about the future. They know that no-one has ever lived in a yesterday or a tomorrow. We all only ever experience life in the now. And, that is where they focus all their attention; fully and wholeheartedly experiencing life in the present moment.

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  • Conquer Stress and Anxiety with this Deceptively Simple Breathing Exercise

    Let me start by asking you a question. What is your breathing like right now? Are you breathing slowly and deeply, all the way down into your abdomen? Or, is your breath short and shallow? Now shift your awareness to how you are feeling. Are you happy, calm and relaxed? Or, are you feeling stressed, agitated and anxious? I’m sure you already know that there is a real and direct link between…

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  • Does Worry Blight Your Life?

    If there is one thing that can really cast a shadow over a person’s inner world it is worry. We all do it from time to time but for some people it becomes an incessant activity that has a direct and detrimental effect on their happiness and wellbeing. When I look back at my younger days I am stunned at how much time and energy I spent worrying. I worried about everything; exams, my health, ensuring there…

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