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Archive of: 2014

  • Feel Good Factor: Dance!

    Feel Good Factor: Dance!

    Did you know that dancing is one of the most fun and effective ways to get a complete mind and body workout? Studies show that dancing can instantly lift your mood, help reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength, increase bone density, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and aid weight loss. It also boosts self-confidence and self esteem…

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  • How Evolved Is Your Ego?

    How Evolved Is Your Ego?

    I have never made any secret of my interest in spiritual matters. Over the years I have explored a wide range of theories, perspectives, scriptures and therapies, all of which have added immense value to my personal and professional development. I have also engaged with a variety of spiritual communities and met some truly inspiring people. There is however one issue that continually perplexes me…

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  • Feel Good Factor Tip: Soak in a Warm Bath

    Feel Good Factor Tip: Soak in a Warm Bath

    Research reveals that relaxing in a warm bath of bubbles instantly calms the mind, soothes the body and promotes deep, restful sleep. Adding 2 cups of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender essential oil further enhances the wellbeing benefits. Magnesium, found in Epsom salts, is naturally absorbed through the skin. This mineral aids the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for…

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  • Dealing with Difficult Emotions

    Dealing with Difficult Emotions

    We all experience times in life when our emotions get the better of us. A strong, emotional response to any situation can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed, out of control and even frightened. Intense feelings of anger, anxiety, despair, shame, guilt and even disappointment can appear instantly and unexpectedly, and negatively affect our attitude and behaviour in ways that can cause us, and those around us, distress…

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  • Always Feeling Bad About Not Getting Things Done?

    Always Feeling Bad About Not Getting Things Done?

    If there is one thing that can really damage a person’s sense of self, cause unnecessary stress, and lead to constant feelings of misery and guilt, it is the habit of procrastination. Self-sabotage comes in many shapes and sizes but procrastination is by far the most common. Are you a procrastinator? Are you always putting things off until tomorrow? How does that make you feel? Good about yourself…

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  • Can You Seriously Afford To Not Speak Your Truth?

    Can You Seriously Afford To Not Speak Your Truth?

    ‘Ek chup, sau sukh’ is a saying from my culture, which if you share my Indian heritage you will definitely have heard many times. Loosely translated it means ‘staying quiet (and, I’ll add, compliant) leads to greater ease in life’. I grew up with this message. I consider it to be one of the gems of wisdom my mother passed onto me; one that has stood me in good stead over the years. There is definitely…

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  • Feel Good Factor Tip: Laugh!

    Feel Good Factor Tip: Laugh!

    Research shows that the simple act of laughing offers an amazing array of mental, physical, emotional and social benefits. Laughter lowers stress hormones, boosts immunity, decreases pain, relaxes muscles and lowers blood pressure. It eases anxiety and fear, improves mood, and adds joy and zest to life. It also strengthens relationships, defuses conflict and promotes…

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  • What Does Speaking Your Truth Actually Mean?

    What Does Speaking Your Truth Actually Mean?

    The inability to speak one’s truth is a common cause of deep unhappiness. Not being able to communicate our wishes and needs to those around us in a firm, clear, polite way means that at best, our needs are not met and at worst, we are misunderstood, ignored, side-lined or simply walked all over. I often ask people if they speak their truth, and point out that it is important to do so if they are to…

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  • Conquer Stress and Anxiety with this Deceptively Simple Breathing Exercise

    Conquer Stress and Anxiety with this Deceptively Simple Breathing Exercise

    Let me start by asking you a question. What is your breathing like right now? Are you breathing slowly and deeply, all the way down into your abdomen? Or, is your breath short and shallow? Now shift your awareness to how you are feeling. Are you happy, calm and relaxed? Or, are you feeling stressed, agitated and anxious? I’m sure you already know that there is a real and direct link between…

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  • Feel Good Factor Tip: Breathe!

    Feel Good Factor Tip: Breathe!

    Decide which energy you would like to experience in this moment. Joy? Vitality? Peace? Love? Wellbeing? Give this energy a colour; any colour that feels right to you. Put your hand on your abdomen and close your eyes. Take a long, deep, slow in-breath so that your hand rises. Continue to breathe in and out slowly and deliberately, allowing your hand to rise and fall with each breath….

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