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Archive of: 2015

  • Free Self-care Poster for Download

    Free Self-care Poster for Download

    Everything in life comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. Caring for yourself in a kind, compassionate, considerate way is a vital prerequisite for a happy, healthy balanced life. This poster highlights a range of activities which aid and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care. Download it free of charge from the products page of this website.

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  • Are You Tired of Dealing With That Irritating Person in Your Life?

    Is there someone in your life that really gets on your nerves? You know, that person who you wish would stop being such a pain all the time. It could be your friend…your boss…your spouse…your parent…your child…your colleague. We all have these people in our lives. And, sadly, they have the potential to cause us a lot of misery and heartache. So what is your story? Do you endless wish for your spouse to be more attentive Your parent to be more accepting? Your child to be more motivated? Your boss to be more appreciative? Your friend to be more considerate?

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  • Are You Neglecting the Most Important Person in Your Life?

    As human beings we are continually in relationship, all day and every day, for the whole of our lives. Sometimes it is with other living beings: humans and animals. Sometimes it’s with inanimate objects - food, clothes, money - or ideas. There is one relationship, above all others, that is critical to our wellbeing. It is impossible to live a peaceful, healthy, happy life if this relationship is not monitored and managed adequately. The relationship to which I’m referring is the one we have with ourselves. Let me ask you a question. How do you habitually relate to yourself? …

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  • How Avoiding Your Emotions May Be Harming You

    If I could go back thirty years and give my younger self some advice it would be to “stop avoiding your emotions.” Back in those days, I expended a lot of energy suppressing my feelings. I tried hard to fit in, do the right thing, and avoid drama of any kind. I had emotional regulation down to a fine art. The world saw me as calm, quiet and amiable, while deep inside there was turmoil and emotional chaos. It took me a long time to figure out that …

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  • Is Failing to Speak up at the Root of Your Ailments?

    Do you experience any of the following physical symptoms: a frequent sore throat; tightness in your jaw or a tendency to grind your teeth; thyroid problems; frequent ear infections; persistent stiffness in your neck and/or shoulders; a stammer? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that one or a few of the following apply to you: you have a weak and quiet voice; you struggle to speak up and express yourself; you constantly fear and doubt the intentions of others…

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  • The Habits of Happy People: They See Life's Problems as Opportunities

    They know that they can’t choose to avoid life’s challenges but they can choose their response to them. They make a decision to respond in a calm, measured, positive way. They work out what they can do and get on and do it. Then they shift their focus onto what they can learn from the experience. They know that all difficult and challenging situations are powerful catalysts for personal growth…

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  • The Day I Met a Goblin and Finally Healed My Fear

    Have you ever experienced an intense emotion that has left you feeling frightened, confused and deeply disturbed? I certainly have. In fact, there was a time in my life when it was a regular occurrence. When I tell people now that I spent most of my late teens and twenties in a perpetual state of fear, due to chronic anxiety and panic disorder, I am often met with surprise; disbelief even…

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  • The Habits of Happy People: They Are Socially Selective

    They ensure that their tribe is a positive and empowering one. They know that the people they hang around with affect their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health so they choose them carefully. They use their feelings to identify the negative, manipulative, toxic people and simply cut them out of their life. And, if they can’t, they put up strong boundaries. They know that this is an issue of…

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  • Are You Being Bullied Without Even Knowing?

    I would like to think that, if I were being bullied, I would recognise it and do something about the situation. Wouldn’t you? Bullying is when one person uses their superior strength or influence to intimidate another person, typically to force them to do something. I’ve been asked to write about this issue by a client who, through our work together, has discovered that the controlling behaviour and shrewdness…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Don't Compare Themselves With Others

    They know that there is little, if anything, to be gained from this habit. They know that this tendency damages their sense of self, kills joy and breeds feelings of envy, low self-confidence and depression. They know that people present an edited version of themselves to the world so what they are comparing against is not real. They know that there is always someone out there who is bigger, better, and more…

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