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Archive of: 2015

  • The One Habit That Could Keep You Out of Therapy

    It takes a lot for a person to seek support and, even more, to pay for it. We all do a great job of handling the issues in our lives by ourselves. Until, that is, it all gets too much and we reach crisis point; something happens that shakes us to the core and we discover that we simply can’t deal with it anymore. I see this all the time in my practice. It is the life crises that bring people to the services that I offer…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Live in the Present Moment

    They don’t spend time reviewing, analysing or regretting the past. They don’t spend time worrying, stressing and being fearful about the future. They know that no-one has ever lived in a yesterday or a tomorrow. We all only ever experience life in the now. And, that is where they focus all their attention; fully and wholeheartedly experiencing life in the present moment.

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  • 7 Things You Should Never Do or Say to a Bereaved Person

    I recently met up with a friend who had just lost someone very close to her. It was evident that she was devastated by this death. Her pain was palpable: in her eyes, her voice, and her body language. Not only was she dealing with the immense pain of losing someone she loved dearly, under very traumatic circumstances, but she also now had to contend with the gaping hole it had left in her life…

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  • Is Your Morning Routine Making or Breaking Your Day?

    Let me take you back to this morning and ask how you began your day. Did you have a calm, quiet and orderly start? Or, was it rushed, manic and frenzied? How we choose to spend the first minutes and hours of the day has a significant effect on all those that follow. What we do - and how we feel - sets the tone for the entire day. That has certainly been my experience. On an ideal day, I get out of bed at…

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  • Habits of Happy People: They Don't Hold Grudges

    They know that holding intense negative feelings about anyone harms them more than it harms the other person. Scientific studies show that holding a grudge adversely affects the health. It leads to anxiety, depression, an increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Letting go of grudges and bitterness makes way for happiness, health and peace.

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