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Archive of: 2021

  • Are You Struggling to Find Your Purpose in Life?

    2020 was an extraordinary year. Not only did we witness a massive upheaval on the physical plane, affecting everything from our livelihoods to family life, we also saw a huge spiritual awakening occur right across the globe. For many it was a crisis or unforeseen change in circumstances, for others simply the gift of more time that compelled them to go inwards; to connect with the deeper parts of their being and reflect deeply on their lives. Why am I here? …

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  • New Podcast: How to Get What You Want Out of Life

    It’s the start of a new year and most of us are reflecting on our dreams and ambitions for this year, and, I’m sure, also hoping it doesn’t turn out to be like 2020! Did you know that the universe we live in is not a random, haphazard place. It is a highly organised entity and there are certain underlying rules by which it operates. These spiritual laws, as Diana Cooper calls them, all play out simultaneously. They are universal in that they …

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