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Feel Good Factor Tip: Breathe!

by Harinder Ghatora Feel Good Factor Tip

Decide which energy you would like to experience in this moment.

Joy? Vitality? Peace? Love? Wellbeing?

Give this energy a colour; any colour that feels right to you.

Put your hand on your abdomen and close your eyes.

Take a long, deep, slow in-breath so that your hand rises.

Continue to breathe in and out slowly and deliberately, allowing your hand to rise and fall with each breath.

Now, breathe in the quality you have chosen. See the colour going into your body, flooding your chest and your abdomen. Allow this colour to go into your arms, down your legs, and up into your head.

Continue inhaling this colour using long, deep, slow breaths until you are completely saturated.

Now see this colour radiating outwards from your being so that you are surrounded in the energy of your chosen quality.

Open your eyes.

Notice how great you feel!