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Where’s Your Problem Really Coming From?

by Harinder Ghatora Mental Wellbeing Health & Wellbeing Personal Empowerment Emotional Wellbeing

Every day in my practice I work with people who are smart, empowered and committed to bettering their lives. They may be facing challenges, but they show up to appointments, and they invest time, money and energy on their personal growth.

Usually, they’ve appeared at my door because their situation has come to a head.

They’re feeling distressed, confused and unhappy and need some external support to work through their issues.

One of the things I bring to the table is clarity.

Clarity about their life situation and what it is that is causing them distress.

I work with them to pinpoint the inner source of their problem(s). Because once we get clear on where the issue is really coming from, we can then work together to alleviate it.

So what do I mean by the ‘inner source’ of the problem?

It’s tempting to think that our problems are caused by something outside of us: by other people, events or circumstances that are separate from us; and, therefore, that the solution must also lie on the outside.

But the truth is, in order to tackle any issue we’re facing, we have to start by looking at ourselves.

Looking within and asking ourselves, Where within myself has this issue originated, and what part of myself do I need to work on to resolve it? empowers us to make changes in the only place we have any control over – within ourselves.

Our Four Energy Bodies

We are complex beings with many different facets.

Although we’re conditioned to view ourselves as one undifferentiated being, from an energy perspective we’re so much more.

Surrounding our physical body is a complex energy field, an egg-shaped structure consisting of many layers, each one vibrating at a different level.

There are four main energetic layers: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the soul body.

Each of these layers vibrates at a different frequency, with the physical body being the densest and the soul body being the least tangible.

Viewing a situation from the perspective of your energy bodies helps with problem solving in two ways.

Firstly, it allows you to cut through the confusion and overwhelm that often arises in the midst of a challenge so that you can get clear about what’s really going on.

And secondly, it can help you decide where to focus your efforts and what strategies to use.

If you’re struggling with an issue in your life right now, ask yourself where it may be stemming from.

Is it rooted in your physical body?

This is the physical self of flesh, skin, bones, tissues, organs and glands. A problem here will manifest as palpable bodily symptoms.

For example, perhaps you’re agitated all the time because you consume too much caffeine.

Or you feel lethargic because your nutrition is compromised.

Maybe you’re experiencing discomfort because you haven’t given your body sufficient rest or exercise.

My free e-book Balanced Living: the 11 Simple Secrets of a Happy, Healthy Life includes information and tips on how to take care of your physical wellbeing.

Is it rooted in your emotional body?

The emotional body is made up of the collective energy of our emotions. Issues at this level are less tangible than at the physical level but can still be ‘felt’.

For instance, perhaps you feel depressed, drained, heavy or anxious because for too long you’ve denied a healthy outlet for your emotions. Maybe you suppress your feelings because they’re too painful to face, because you’ve been brought up to consider other people’s feelings before your own, or because you want to keep the peace.

Therapeutic writing is a simple but effective way to get in touch with and express buried feelings. Check out my blog The Healing Power of Writing for suggestions on how to do this.

Is it rooted in your mental body?

Our mental body comprises the collective energy of our thoughts and of all the mental concepts we hold in our conscious minds. Issues in this energy field are less tangible than in the preceding ones. We can’t feel our thoughts; we can only be aware of them.

For instance, your life experiences may have resulted in you expecting the worst all the time.

Maybe you’re stuck in an endless cycle of negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

Or perhaps your self-talk is critical and judgemental.

There’s a powerful method for identifying, dismantling and overturning dysfunctional thinking patterns and beliefs that anyone can learn. It’s called Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and in my book The Power of Speaking Your Truth, you can find step-by-step guidance on how to use this method to transform negative thinking and core beliefs into positive, healthy ones. You can buy a copy here.

Is it rooted in your soul body?

The soul body is the originating source of the unique personalities that we have brought into our present lifetimes, based on our past life experiences, the lessons we’ve learned, our level of evolution, and the lessons we’ve yet to learn.

The least tangible part of our energy field, we may only be fleetingly aware of it; however, issues here exert a strong influence on our life experiences.

Perhaps the same problems keep repeating in your life.

Maybe you’re at a loss to understand what’s preventing you from moving forward.

Or maybe you feel lost, unsure of your purpose in life.

Persistent or recurring problems exist to teach us something. Within these difficult life experiences lie deep spiritual lessons. Once we understand what these lessons are, we can begin to actively work through them. Having done so, the problem disappears.

A soul contract reading can help you understand both your unique spiritual blueprint for this lifetime and the true purpose of any persistent challenges. It can also empower you with strategies to work through these challenges. If you’d like to know more or book a soul contract reading with me, please see here.

Remember that the different parts of your energy field are constantly interacting with – and impacting on – each other. Therefore problems rarely have their roots in one energy body alone.

Chronic worrying, for example, will cause a person’s emotional health to deteriorate, while emotions suppressed over many years are likely to manifest in physical illness.

This is why a holistic approach, one that acknowledges the multidimensional nature of your being, is the most effective route to wellbeing and happiness.

At the end of the day, as Brian Tracy says,

“Your life only gets better when you get better.”


  • Sanjita:

    15 Oct 2019 09:05:06

    Thank you. I feel enriched with endless opportunity and energy since I had my Soul Contact Reading. As you said earlier, Harinder, clarity is the perfect description of how I am feeling now. I have recommended the Soul Contract to my friends and family. I believe that timing is also a factor in this journey. I am also really enjoying your news updates Harinder. Thank you.
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