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New Video on YouTube: How to Establish Personal Boundaries

by Harinder Ghatora Personal Empowerment Habits of Happy People Healthy Relationships

Check out my latest video on YouTube: How to Establish Personal Boundaries

In this video I share an exercise I regularly do with my clients to help them think about their personal boundaries when it comes to their relationships.

Personal boundaries are the rules or limits that we individually create to help us keep ourselves safe; they identify the limits that we place on the way that we allow others to treat us.

Healthy Boundaries are essential if we are to feel safe and relaxed in our interactions with others. They are also the key to ensuring that our relationships are mutually respectful, supportive and caring. And, that we don’t get used, abused and hurt all the time.

Give this simple exercise a go and see if it helps you bring clarity, a sense of empowerment and some peace into your relationships.

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