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New Podcast: Alleviate Suffering by Changing Your Perspective

by Harinder Ghatora Mental Wellbeing Emotional Wellbeing

The latest episode of my podcast is online. In this one I focus on how we can deal with difficult thoughts and feelings by changing our perspective.

It can’t have escaped your notice that we are living through some pretty crazy times. 2020 will definitely go down in history as a year of uncertainty, unpredictability and unprecedented change; a year when the very foundations of our lives were seriously challenged.

If, like me, you’re living in the UK then you’re not just heading into winter, with its short, dark, cold days but also a second lockdown with serious restrictions on our daily lives.

This extraordinary mix of gloomy circumstances has the potential to seriously mess with our mental and emotional health.

So, what can we do to support ourselves?

In this podcast, I go through six powerful mind hacks that can help you to stay calm and poised.

We may not be able to change our outer world but we can certainly all take charge of our inner world.

This is where our real power lies.

Available on Buzzsprout by clicking here: Alleviate Suffering by Changing Your Perspective

And, on all the major podcast providers.

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