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Learn to Meditate

Are you looking for:

  • a way to reduce stress?

  • deal with anxiety?

  • improve a low mood?

  • switch off a busy, overactive mind?

  • find peace?

  • clarity?

  • get a deep and enduring sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?

  • connect with the deeper, spiritual aspects of your being?

Learn to meditate.

Establishing a regular practice can provide these things and much, much more.

Regular meditation practice has been well documented to:

  • reduce stress and promote an inner sense of calm

  • result in tangible mental and phsyical health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels, increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, improved immune function 
and decreased anxiety, depression, and insomnia

  • bring a sense of control and quietness to an over active mind

  • bring a sense of perspective and detachment from the petty things in life

  • bring happiness through the release of the brain chemicals linked to different aspects of happiness

  • improve concentration, focus and productivity

  • incite positive changes in the areas of the brain associated with memory, learning, empathy, self-awareness and stress regulation

  • increase creativity and spontaneity

  • improve relationships

  • strength the connection with the deeper, spiritual aspects of ourselves

  • help discover the purpose of life.

This six-week programme provides an opportunity to learn this powerful, transformative practice in a simple, guided, easy to follow way. The course takes you on a six-week journey of self discovery and knowledge. I believe that you will gain something from the learning whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator.

We are all different. It is the honouring of these differences that I believe sets this course apart from other ‘off the shelf’ courses, guides and books on the subject. I don’t believe that the ‘one size fits all’ approach works for meditation. We have to find a style, a routine, a practice that fits perfectly with us and our life if we are ever to successfully incorporate meditation into our daily lives.

This course aims to offer you just that; an opportunity to explore and experience a range of different practices and techniques so that you get a real idea of which type of meditation practice suits you. And, through this journey of exploration you will also start to experience the benefits of meditation practice. You may be surprised by how quickly the benefits start to manifest.

The course consists of:

  • a 72-page manual divided into six weekly sections

  • 6 MP3 guided meditation recordings to complement the learning from each week

  • 6 worksheets to aid self reflection and record your experiences from each week’s meditation practice.

What to expect

The course is organised into weekly sections. Each week there is:

  • Some information to read. These sections cover theory.

  • A specific MP3 audio meditation practice to do everyday for that week.

  • A worksheet to complete which records your experiences and aids reflection and learning.

The course contents

Week One

  • What is Meditation?
  • Common Myths
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Meditation Practice: Body Scan

Week Two

  • Dealing with Resistance
  • The Human Energy Field
  • Posture
  • The Power of the Breath
  • Meditation Practice: Breath Awareness

Week Three

  • The Importance of Routine
  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Imagery and Visualisation
  • Meditation Practice: Guided ‘Trip to the Beach’ Meditation

Week Four

  • Hand Positions
  • Mantras
  • The Power of Affirmations
  • Meditation Practice: Sa Ra Ma Da Chant

Week Five

  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Meditation Practice: Drawing Down Chakra Colours

Week Six

  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Kundalini Energy
  • Grounding
  • Energy Field Protection
  • Your Personal Meditation Routine
  • Meditation Practice: Guided Sacred Space Meditation

Common myths about meditation

I will have to take on some weird spiritual or religious beliefs! No, you won’t. At its simplest level, meditation is a way of taking us beyond the noise and chatter of the mind into stillness and peace. You do not need any specific spiritual belief system to reap these benefits. It works for believers and athiests alike. The last week’s learning covers spirituality. If this is not your thing, leave it out!

It is really difficult and I won’t be able to do it! It is not difficult. Meditation is easy and fun to learn and practise. As you will see over the next six weeks, there are many different techniques to choose from. Your personal practice could be as simple as focusing on your breath, listening to a guided meditation or silently repeating a positive affirmation for as little as ten minutes a day.

You need a quiet mind in order to meditate but my mind is too busy! No, this is not true. Meditation is not about stopping our thoughts or emptying our minds. We cannot do either. What we can do is decide how much attention we are going to give to our thoughts. Ironically, it is by initially accepting the noise that we begin to become aware of the quietness in the space in between our thoughts. This ‘gap’ is the place of pure consciousness and peace. The more you meditate, the more you will dip into this ‘gap’ and the quieter your mind will become.

I’ll have to do years of practice to receive any benefits. I can’t be bothered! I have seen how quickly the benefits of meditation practice kick in from the feedback I get from the participants of this course. New meditators come back after week one and report sleeping better, feeling calmer and becoming less reactionary, amongst other things. The benefits are immediate and long-term.

Meditation is escapism. I need to focus on my life! The real purpose of meditation is not to run away from life but to tune into the deeper, more peaceful aspects of yourself so that you can live a more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful life. This makes life more productive and rewarding.

I’m too busy. I don’t have enough time to meditate! You do not have to dedicate a lot of time to start to reap the benefits of meditation practice. By approaching life in a calm, clear, poised and focused way you become more productive, more creative, more efficient and more effective in everything that you do.

What others have had to say about the course

"Harinder’s meditation course was brilliant! I got so much out of it; I wish I had done it sooner. I would recommend it to beginners and experienced meditators alike - there is something for everyone."

"The different techniques allowed me to experiment and figure out which one worked for me, without me thinking I’m doing it wrong."

“Although I’d been practising meditation for some years, I’d never been taught how to meditate or really studied the theory of it. This course was perfect as it explained all the fundamentals, such as the importance of posture, hand positions, different types of meditation techniques, but in a way that completely fitted in with the knowledge and experience I already had.”

“Before, when I became stressed… I would always go into thinking overload. I do not react like that anymore, even when I’m in a stressful situation. I don’t feel the tension like I used to. By the end of the six weeks I can say that I CAN meditate. I know what I need to do when I’m feeling out of sorts and I know HOW to do it.”

“I had some beautiful and joyful experiences during the meditation exercises for which I am grateful.”

“Harinder has a really clear and sensitive teaching style, which is a joy to work with, and plenty of time for all my questions! Her knowledge and authority on the subject clearly comes from her many years of dedicated personal practice. “

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