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The Exam Success Guide

How to Revise, Beat Exam Stress and Get Great Results

Are you sitting exams this year?

Are you anxious to do your absolute best?

Do you want to do all you can to get the results that you know you are capable of achieving?

Or, perhaps you are a parent and are worried that your child may:

  • not apply themselves fully
  • or buckle under the pressure
  • or not know how to revise properly.

Or maybe you are feeling uncertain about how to support, encourage and motivate them to excel.

It goes without saying that this year is a crucial one in any person’s life; performance in these exams will directly affect future options and outcomes.

This is definitely not the year to leave things to chance. There’s too much at stake, wouldn’t you agree?

Schools are brilliant at teaching students what to revise and how to answer exam questions, but many young people are never taught how to:

1) organise themselves and their time effectively.

2) actively revise so that they retain, and can apply, the information they’ve learnt.

3) effectively manage their stress levels.

If you’re feeling concerned about any - or all - of these things, then The Exam Success Guide will help you to tackle the whole business of exams with greater confidence and clarity.

Imagine showing up on the first day of exams fully prepared: cool, calm and confident in the knowledge that you’ve completed all the revision in good time and are ready to perform to the best of your ability.

As a parent/carer, imagine how good it would feel to know that you’ve done everything possible to help your teenager get through this crucial stage in their education and to maximise their chances of doing well.

Picture the sheer delight on your child’s face when they open that envelope in August and discover they’ve attained the best possible grades and can move onto the next stage of their life with a sense of achievement and pride.

As a parent myself, I can tell you there’s no better feeling than watching your child jump with joy at having achieved their dream grades!

Over the years, I’ve successfully helped both my children prepare for exams, from their time at school right through to college and university. It’s given me a lot of direct, personal experience of helping teenagers to get organised, focused and motivated for study, and of helping them to cope with the emotional challenge that exams inevitably bring.

As a qualified holistic life coach and counsellor, I also work regularly with young people and have been successful in supporting many students (and some parents) to get through the stressful exam period. My work centres around helping young people to organise their time better, tap into their own motivational energy, and identify and overcome the internal and external factors that could potentially undermine their performance, so that when the actual exams come round they feel composed, engaged, and fully prepared.

In creating this Exam Success Guide, I’ve drawn on my extensive personal and professional experience – as a parent, counsellor, coach, and as someone who’s personally struggled with exam stress – to give you very practical guidance on how to win the exam race.

When you download The Exam Success Guide you’ll receive:

1. A Student Guide

This 58-page guide provides everything a young person needs to know and do, so that they:

  • feel in control
  • are well organised
  • know how to revise efficiently and effectively
  • stay calm and positive
  • and are fully prepared to give their best.

The guide shows students how to:

  • keep the brain in optimal condition for learning
  • set SMART study goals
  • stay motivated
  • identify their preferred learning style so that they can tailor their revision methods to suit their personal needs and optimise their learning
  • create a revision timetable
  • make great revision notes
  • revise actively
  • manage their stress levels
  • and get the right support.

It also includes advice on:

  • what they should do the day before an exam
  • what to do after completing an exam
  • and how to prepare for results day, so that they can make the right choices for the next stage of their life based on their achievements.

2. A Parents Guide

This 33-page guide gives parents/carers all the information they need to help and support their teenager through the exam period and afterwards. You’ll find pointers and tips on how parents/carers can:

  • get actively involved in exam preparations
  • help create the right environment for their child to study
  • support their physical and mental wellbeing
  • provide emotional support
  • and recognise if exam stress is having an adverse effect on them.

It also includes suggestions for:

  • how to best help them before and after exam days
  • and how to prepare ahead of results day, so that they are well-placed to assist their child with any decisions they may need to make.

3. A Positive Mindset Motivational Recording

This contains affirmations that are designed to cultivate a ‘can-do’ attitude towards revision and exams. This MP3 recording will help develop greater self-belief: one of the key ingredients for success.

4. Two versions of an “I Can Do It!” Poster

Again, this poster is designed to foster self-confidence and positive self-belief specifically in relation to studying for exams. We all know that passing exams is just as much about believing in yourself as it is about having the right knowledge and skills!

You’ll get a bright, colourful version, which is ideal for viewing on a computer, tablet or phone, and a second, easy-to-print version which can be put up on the wall.

It’s all here, in one easily accessible place. Everything you need to get ahead with revision, exams, and planning for the future.

By clicking on the ‘Add to Cart” button below you will get instant access to the whole Exam Success Kit.

The kit is an e-product. On purchase, you’ll be given a link that will allow you to immediately download the Student Guide (PDF), the Parents Guide (PDF), the two posters (PDF), and the motivational recording (MP3) straight onto your computer or tablet.

Exams can be a stressful time, not only for young people but for parents too. After all, none of us receive any training on how to get through. But - if you know what to do to stay on track, revise efficiently and effectively, and control your stress levels then you can be satisfied that you’ve done all you can to give yourself, or your child, the best chance of success.

What Others Have Had to Say

"I just want to mention how useful the Exam Success Guide has been for my daughter who’s currently preparing for A2. The Guide has helped her to structure and plan her revision much more effectively and I’m thankfully not seeing so many meltdowns anymore! It’s great, my daughter comes down now, times her break and then goes back up! It really does work! Me saying the same thing would have been a totally different ball game!

The Parent’s guide is great too, always good to be reminded of the simple things to be mindful of in supporting our children during these challenging times.

So thank you Harinder for putting this together. I really recommend the Guide to any families out there with teenagers."

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