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The Power Of Speaking Your Truth

Do you keep quiet even when you have something to say?

Do you struggle to stand up for yourself?

Do you find it difficult to articulate your needs?

Do you find yourself going along with other people’s plans even when they don’t suit you?

In The Power of Speaking Your Truth, author Harinder Ghatora presents a self-help guide to empower you to find your true voice.

Offering a journey of self-discovery and positive change, this step-by-step handbook shows you how to move from passivity and disempowerment to assertiveness and confidence.

It discusses:

• what it means to speak your truth—and some common misconceptions that people have;

• how and why you learned to not speak your truth;

• the mental, emotional, and physical consequences of not speaking your truth;

• the underlying thought patterns and beliefs that prevent you from expressing yourself fully and firmly; and

• a simple, but highly effective model for facilitating change that you can learn and implement.

The Power of Speaking Your Truth helps you identify, challenge, and transmute the fears and unhealthy beliefs that prevent you from communicating clearly and effectively.

The ability to speak your truth is a prerequisite for leading a happy, healthy, and empowered life.


Price: Hardback £25.95
Softback £12.95
Kindle £6.49

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